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CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)

CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) is the starting point for all new riders, and will allow you to ride up to 50cc (16 years old) or 125cc (17 years old) with L plates on, unaccompanied. It is a pre requisite if you are going on to a DAS course. The DVSA state that a CBT should last a minimum of a full day even if renewing, so please expect your CBT to last at least 6 hours.


For complete novice riders we would advise completing CBT on an automatic and do a separate gear conversion lesson (You may still ride a manual even when completing CBT on an auto although further training is advised)

Our CBT courses include for no extra charge

  • Use of our 50cc or 125cc training machine

  • Insurance (third party only)

  • Fuel

  • Radio equipment hire

  • Damage Waiver

  • Jacket, Helmet, Gloves* (see below)


Requirements for undertaking CBT 

  • Valid provisional licence

  • Must have read and understand the highway code

  • No trainers and tracksuits - sturdy footwear and jeans as a MINIMUM - NO EXCEPTIONS

  • You must have a good understanding of spoken english

  • You will be required to sign an injury waiver before your training begins - if you are under 18 this must be done by a parent or guardian

  • New road users are STRONGLY recommended to complete the online Ridefree course and bring the certificate number or certificate screenshot with you to show your instructor - go to for further information. This will significantly help with completing your Element E road ride - further training is chargeable at the rate of £30 per hour if needed.



1) Click here to register an account for Ridefree

2) Click here to access the course

3) Record the certificate number or screenshot to give to your instructor

If you are a new rider you are advised to complete the CBT on a scooter and then undertake one of our gear conversion courses to ride a manual.

How long CBT lasts is dependent on the student, it depends how quickly you learn. The course usually lasts a full day but can take longer. 


If you are successful at the end of the course you will be given a CBT certificate which is valid for two years, during which you must either pass your motorcycle tests, or renew your CBT if you wish to carry on riding. Your instructor will only sign if you are safe and is under no obligation to sign you off, although not a test you must reach a safe basic standard. All training courses are subject to terms and conditions. See T&C's here

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