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Enhanced Rider Scheme



Billy's Bike Training is proud to be one of the few schools in the region accredited by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) to deliver ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme) Training. 

What is ERS?

The Enhanced Rider Scheme (OR ERS for short) is a scheme designed by the DVSA for someone who has already passed their full motorcycle test, to get more from their riding. It may only be delivered by fully qualified, approved instructors, and is designed to be fun and enjoyable - there's not even a test to pass! The scheme is suitable if you want to: 

  • Enjoy your riding more

  • Build your confidence

  • Become a safer rider

  • Gain tailored advice to where you could improve

What are the benefits?

​As well as all the above...

  • A discount of up to 15% on your motorcycle insurance for life 

  • Ride to the same system of control as a police rider - less likely to have an accident

  • Eligibility to join Notts Blood Bikes as a volunteer rider

  • Step up to a full advanced rider course

  • Smoother, safer, but more progressive riding 

How does it work?

When you initially book in, depending on your previous experience and what you are looking to achieve, you will either be sent a a copy of Roadcraft: the police rider's manual, or DVSA: Riding the essential skills, with some particular topics to have a look into, and we will also ask you to have a look at the following great clips: - The system of motorcycle control IPSGA  -   Advanced Cornering & Limit Points - Slow riding 

When you arrive for your training, you will meet your instructor at a mutually agreed place, who will explain what the course will involve, have a chat about your previous experience, and answer any questions you might have. You'll then go for an assessment ride with your instructor, who will have a look what you're already really good at - and where you might be able to brush up. 

It's designed to be fun and enjoyable, and covers a variety of different roads. Your assessment ride will take around one and a half hours, and gives you and the instructor both time to have a good look at your riding! 

If you're already at the standard required, you will be issued with a DVSA certificate of competence and that's it! If you or the instructor identify any areas where you could polish up a little, then the instructor will work with you to devise a plan fully tailored to you, to help you improve where required. 


The instructor will grade you on a list of "core modules" which covers things like bends and cornering, use of a safe system of control, and slow riding, and also any other modules which you wish to take. You'll then go away and practice these, and have another lesson in one or two weeks to showcase your newly acquired skills to your instructor and work to improve them even further. Once you have achieved all the core modules and any other optional ones you chose, that's it! You will then be issued your certificate.

dvsa-enhanced-rider-scheme white.png

**Limited time only, ends July 2022**

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