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Direct Access & Full licence

There are different categories of motorcycle licence you can take as shown below depending on your age. A full licence allows you to ride different sizes of bike, remove L plates, carry a passenger, and ride on motorways (125cc+)

You must have a valid CBT and Theory to take your motorcycle practical tests.

Age 16+  Category P moped licence. Ride a max of 50cc

Age 17+ Category A1 motorcycle licence. Ride a max of 125cc

Age 19+ Category A2 motorcycle licence. Ride a max of 47bhp

Age 24+ or have held A2 for two years - Category A motorcycle licence - Ride any size of motorcycle

(We are one of the few schools that have a lowered 600cc machine for your test if you are shorter!)

"Direct Access" simply means going straight in for the category A licence which is the most common route to gaining your full motorcycle licence.

"Progressive Access" means going from for example an A2 to an A licence.

NOTE: Please see here for what you must bring on the day of your tests. If you do not your test can be terminated and you will lose your test fees:

Now the tests - What do they involve?

  • Module 1

Module one will take place at a Motorcycle Module one practical test centre - The nearest are Rotherham, Lincoln and Wakefeld. It involves exercises such as manual handling, slalom, figure of 8, Slow riding, U-turn, controlled stop, emergency stop, and hazard avoidance.


You are allowed 5 minor faults, no more than 3 in the same category, but no serious or dangerous faults.

Module 1 DVSA guide:

  • Module 2

Module two will take place on road, and again starts from a Motorcycle test centre. You will first have an eyesight check and be asked some safety questions. Then you will cover a variety of road and traffic situations with the examiner following giving you some directions. The ride will include a hill start, angle start, normal start, and a section of about 10 minutes of independent riding, which is following some signs or directions.

You are allowed 10 minor faults, no more than 3 in the same category, again no serious or dangerous faults. At the end of this if you have been successful you have now passed your test!

Your module 2 training will take place around the test centre roads where you will be taking your module 2 test. It isn't possible to do direct test routes - the DVSA don't publish them. However please don't worry. I will train you to ride in any road and traffic situation so that you can deal with anything that you come across.


Module 2 DVSA guide:

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