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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does CBT take? 

A: CBT is a full day's training. You will be with us until at least 1:30PM although expect around 5pm. This is also the case even if you have completed CBT before, as you still need to cover everything by law including a two hour road ride. (If you are fed up with keep renewing your CBT - why not get your full licence?)

Q: Do I have to read the highway code before I come?

A: Yes - If you have a provisional licence you have already signed to say you have read and understand the highway code when applying for your licence. Please note the advice issued to learners from the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) Is that a trainer may abort a CBT if it is clear that a lack of highway code knowledge or traffic signs may cause a danger to yourself or other road users, and the trainer is entitled to charge again if you are not prepared.

Q: What do I need to bring to CBT?

A: You must bring your licence and sturdy footwear that provides ankle protection. If you have them, please bring helmet, jacket, and gloves. We do not provide footwear for hygiene reasons.  We can supply you with jacket, helmet and gloves but given the current pandemic it would be much better if you had your own.

Q: Is CBT a guaranteed pass?

A: It isn't a test so there is no pass or fail. However your instructor needs to be satisfied you are safe by the end of the day. We allow up to 7 hours for a CBT session, this is to ensure the wellbeing of the rider as learning for 7 hours is considerably tiring. If the instructor does not believe you are at a safe level yet, then you will require further training on a seperate day until you reach the necessary standard. This is chargeable at a £30 per hour.

DAS & Full licence

Q: What do the different categories of full Bike licence mean? What is A1, A2 and A licence?

A: Category A1 = Light Motorcycle licence (up to 125cc and no more)

     Category A2 = Medium power motorcycle licence (up to 47bhp - minimum age 19 years)

    Category A = Standard power motorcycle licence (unlimited power - minimum age 24 or had A2 for two years)

    Category P = Moped only licence (upto 50cc)

Direct access simply means going straight in for the A licence (minimum age 24)

Progressive Access means going from for example an A2 to an A licence.

Q: Do I need a motorbike theory test to take my full licence?

A: Motorbike theory test is different to a car theory test. You don't need it for CBT but for full test you must have a valid motorcycle theory test pass prior to undertaking the practical tests. UNLESS you are going through the progressive access route and you've had your licence for two years.

Q: What do the tests entail?

A: Please see the videos below.

Module 1:

Module 2:

Q: I am based in Sheffield, is this too far?

A: Not at all! We have welcomed candidates from as far away as London! We cover Sheffield, Rotherham, Retford, Worksop, Nottingham, Doncaster, Mansfield, in fact wherever you are, if you can get to us, we can train you! We can recommend local accommodation if you are travelling from further afield, just ask! 


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