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All prices include bike hire, protective gear, insurance, fuel, radio hire, and damage waiver.

We advise new riders to complete their CBT on an Automatic and then undertake one of our gear conversion courses.

CBT (Compulsory Basic Training)   -   £250 (One to one cbt session - recommended for new riders)

                                                    -   £200 (Standard CBT - 2 students max)

                                                    -   £30 Per hour additional training if required (1:1 basis only)

Complete beginner training (i.e. no previous road experience and never ridden a motorcycle) will be done on an automatic scooter.

Please ensure you read the gov website (click here) and understand the requirements before undertaking your CBT. New road users are STRONGLY recommended to complete the online Ridefree course and bring the certificate number or certificate screenshot with you to show your instructor - go to for further information. This will significantly help with completing your Element E road ride - further cbt training is chargeable if you require additional training after 8 hours.

Full Licence Intensive (£50 discount if your CBT is done with us) valid theory test required

5.5 hour days - test fees included within the price.

Full course £905 (4 day course, with both tests on final day)

Full course + separate test days £1000 (Separate day for mod 2 test) 

Short Course £725 (3 days, previous big bike experience only, tests on final day)

Full licence - Pay as you go

2 hour big bike/scooter session - £95

3 hour big bike/scooter session - £130 (Add a mod 1 test area practice session for £31)

Module 1 test - £110 

Module 2 test - £210


Post CBT / test / refresher / advanced training

CBT + Course (4 hours of post CBT training on the road) £140

Basic refresher course - £140

Gear conversion - £140

Post test training based on Roadcraft - £35 per hour

******* NEW - TRACK DAY DEVELOPMENT COURSE WITH BRITISH SUPERBIKE SCHOOL ********* - £389 (Own bike at Blyton Park Raceway) - contact us for further info





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