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Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you take time to read our Terms and Conditions. These form the basis of our agreement for your training. Our Terms and Conditions are applicable to ALL training unless specifically shown below:

Section 1 - General conditions relating to all training and courses

1) The booking of any training course, or payment of deposit of a training course offered by Billy's Bike Training ("The ATB" (Authorised Training Body)) Confirms that you ("the Student") have read and agree in full to our terms and conditions.

2) Instructors working on behalf of the ATB are authorised by the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) and possess the necessary qualifications as required to provide motorcycle training to the student. DVSA regulations will be fully adhered to at all times during training.

3) All balances are due before commencement of training. Where a deposit is applicable this is highlighted on the Prices page.

4) You must provide us with your licence number, postcode and national insurance number at the time of booking, and you hereby agree to allow staff of the ATB to conduct checks with the DVLA to ensure you have motorcycle entitlement, and no endorsements or points which are unsuitable for our insurance.

5) i) You must bring your licence on the day of your training, which must be valid for use in the UK. Failure to do this will result in your training being cancelled with no refund.

5) ii) If you are attending for test it is YOUR responsibility to bring with you, and produce to the examiner, your valid licence, theory test, CBT, and in the case of a mod 2 test you must also bring your signed mod 1 certificate. Failure to bring these items will result in the DVSA terminating the test and you will lose the test fee with no refund. Please note in this case there is also no refund on bike hire and instructor charges. The DVSA do not accept copies.

6) If you have an EU licence then your licence must be accompanied by a D91 counterpart from the DVLA. Failure to obtain this will result in your training being cancelled with no refund.

7) Training may be cancelled at the sole discretion of the instructor if you are deemed to be in an unfit state to take part in your training. This includes if the instructor has reasonable grounds to believe you are incapacitated through illness or injury you have not disclosed, alcohol, drugs, have an inappropriate attitude to motorcycling, your safety or that of other road users, give threats or display inappropriate behaviour of any kind, or for any other reason the instructor deems relevant at their sole discretion. In these cases you will lose any fees you have paid with no refunds.

8) The student is responsible for any fine, endorsement or penalty due to their riding. The student agrees to take full responsibility and fully indemnify the ATB, staff and instructors from any and all fines, endorsements or penalties from any violations of the road traffic act they commit. The student furthermore recognises that at any time they are riding the machine they are in sole control of the control inputs and decisions they are making.

9) In the case of any violations of the road traffic act where the police request details of the rider of the machine when it is a student, the student accepts the ATB has a legal duty to provide the details of the student to the relevant authorities.

10) For training of any type - you must ensure you are wearing a minimum of denim jeans and walking boots (or other footwear that covers the ankles) we have a duty of care to you and for hygiene reasons cannot supply legwear and footwear. It is your responsibility to bring these items. Failure to provide the aforementioned will result in the cancellation of your training with no refunds.

11) In cases of bad weather - where the instructor on the day deems that it is unsafe to conduct part (or all) of the training, we will rebook your training at no further charge. There would be no refund in this case, we cannot control the weather, however your will not be charged extra for any time you have lost due to bad weather. 

11) i) The ATB and it's staff will not be liable for any costs, compensation, or monies in lieu for any annual leave if required to complete a course of training where cancelled due to bad weather.

12) Instructors and staff working on behalf of the ATB and DVSA examiners may be wearing body worn cameras for the purpose of ensuring the safety of both yourself and the instructor. 

13) These conditions may be amended at any time without notice.

Section 2 - Health, safety & medical conditions

1) Instructors will at all times to the best of their abilities attempt to prevent you from coming to any harm. However it must be appreciated by its nature riding a motorcycle or moped carries risks. The instructor is very limited as to their physical control of your machine, you are in sole command of the machine and all control inputs.

2) The ATB, nor it's instructors or staff, are responsible for any injury you incur during your training or at any time after your training has concluded. You agree to indemnify the ATB and all staff acting for and on behalf of the ATB, from all claims resulting from any injury, or loss or damage that you may incur during training or after your training has concluded.

3) The insurance cover in place provides third party only coverage for students. You are advised to take out additional insurance at your discretion. We do not have a personal accident policy of any kind in force.

4) It is important that you notify the ATB at the time of booking of any health conditions, temporary or permanent, that could affect your ability to operate a vehicle in a safe manner. Conditions include but are not limited to, pregnancy, vision, balance, loss of limb, loss of feeling in limb(s), severe learning difficulty, neurological diagnosis, heart or breathing. This list is not exhaustive. Please check the DVLA website here for all conditions which should be notified:

5) If the instructor deems that a health condition, notified to the ATB, or not notified but suspected by the instructor or ATB, could or is affecting your ability to learn to ride, they may at their sole discretion cancel the lesson in its entirety and advise you to seek medical advice before resuming training. There would be no refund in this case. 

6) Before the commencement of any training you will be required to read and sign a personal injury waiver as required by our insurance provider, if under 18 a parent or guardian will be required to sign this on your behalf. If at this point you did not wish to sign the waiver or did not wish to commence the training, you would lose any fees already paid. 

Section 3 - Using your own machine

1) If you wish to use your own machine you must make this known to the ATB at the time of booking. We will require the registration number and you hereby agree that we may use this to ascertain the machine is taxed and has valid MOT.

2) It is your responsibility to ensure the roadworthiness of your own machine. An MOT does not prove beyond the day of test that the machine is roadworthy. The instructor will perform a basic examination of your machine to ensure it is safe and legal to use on the road. If it is found unsuitable you will have the option to use an ATB bike at additional cost.

3) The ATB and/or instructors are not responsible for breakdown of your machine or for any mechanical problems encountered.

4) The security of your own machine remains your responsibility, we are not liable for loss, theft or damage to your machine at any time.

5) You must provide a valid certificate of insurance on the day of training for your own machine.

6) You must have an existing in date CBT to undertake training on your own machine, or in the case of ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme) training already hold a full motorcycle licence representative of the category of machine you will use for the scheme.

Section 4 - Refunds

1) Any deposits and balances paid are non-refundable - as well as covering the bank charges these also cover the administration costs of booking you onto the course therefore there are no refunds of deposits unless section 4) paragraph 1i) applies, please see below

1) i) Cancellations by ourselves - if for any unforeseen reason we have to cancel your course you will be given the option of a refund or to move your booking. Please note upon moving your booking this part (i) does not continue and you will lose your deposit if you cancel as per paragraph 1).

1) ii) The ATB or it's staff at their sole discretion may opt to cancel your training or tests at any time for any reason and provide you with a pro-rata refund up to the value of training that has not been undertaken, less an administration fee of £35. 

2) For CBT courses you must give a minimum of 5 full working days notice to cancel. If you give less you will be liable for the full fee again if you rebook.

3) For Full licence training NOT INCLUDING test days, you must give a minimum of 3 full working days notice to cancel. If you give less you will lose your deposit and will be liable for the full fee again if you rebook.

4) For full licence training INCLUDING test days you must give a minimum of 11 full working days notice to cancel. This is due to the DVSA terms of booking your test. If you give less you will lose your test fees and deposit.

5) CBT completion and tests passes are NOT guaranteed. There are no refunds if a CBT course is not completed or a test is failed unless part (i) below applies: 

5) i) In the case of an issue with a vehicle supplied by the ATB for the student, which in the opinion of the instructor or DVSA examiner on the day, renders the machine unsuitable through breakdown or fault, and or reasonably attributing to a practical test to be failed or aborted, The ATB will offer a free pro-rata amount of practical training which may include test fees if applicable, to make up the value of time that the student would have had, had the fault or breakdown not occurred. Decisions on faults are solely at the discretion of the instructor or DVSA examiner and would NOT cover for example, student opinion, manufacturer design, or other naturally occurring factors. This list is not exhaustive. 

6) In the case of Module 1 and Module 2 tests booked the same day, if the module 1 test is failed, there is no refund for the module 2 test or fees associated with the module 2, including but not limited to travel time to and from the test, familiarisation around the test area, etc)

Section 5 - Conditions relating specifically to CBT Courses

1) Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for the start of your CBT course. You will be informed of the prompt start time of your course when booking.

2) If you arrive late for the start of your training you will not be allowed to undertake your CBT and will lose your fee. The CBT has a set syllabus from the DVSA which must be fully covered and thus MUST start on time. 

3) There are no part refunds for elements not completed

4) If further training is required beyond a day's training, this will be charged at the hourly rate of £30

Section 6a - Conditions relating specifically to A2 & A Courses and Training (including DAS (Direct Access Scheme)

1) You must be at least 19 years of age to ride an A2 motorcycle (max of 47bhp) , and 24 (or have had an a2 licence for two years) to ride anything over this, including category A motorcycles.

2) The decision as to whether you have enough control of, and are capable of riding, a big bike, lies with the instructor whose decision will be final in all circumstances. In certain circumstances the instructor may keep you on a 125cc machine until they are satisfied you have achieved a sufficient ability before you move to a bigger machine.

3) The decision as to whether you are capable of attempting your tests is at the sole discretion of the instructor. If the instructor deems that you are not ready for test they may at their sole discretion cancel any tests booked, or in the case of any tests that have not yet been booked, refuse to make a booking for such test. In this case if the booking is within 5 working days for the test then there would be no refund of test fees to the customer.

Section 6a(2) - Conditions relating to the two hours free ERS (Enhanced Rider Scheme) Training when purchasing a course

1) Offer must be used within three calendar months of the completion of the module two practical test

2) Offer only applies to customers using their own bike and in conjunction with section 3 of the terms and conditions

3) The two free hours is not a guaranteed completion of the ERS scheme - it is an initial assessment which could conclude you are already at the required standard, or could mean further training being recommended before a certificate is able to be issued. For more information please visit the gov page at

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